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The Apple iPatch by Petrus Boots

Click on Image to view 2336 x 1552 pixel, 2.2 M image.

Original ........................... Not Available

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Size .................. 2336 x 1552 pix at 1.8 M

Medium ... Photoshop and Tablet on a PC

The Apple iPatch 2010
by Petrus H. Boots



"Fee fi fo fum
Smell the blood of a gullible bum
Brain dead bored bought into the fraud
Trying to find some way of stopping
Struggling home with bags of shopping
Gotta buy gotta-gotta buy-buy...."

SwineFever ~ From the Album NakedSelf ~ the The ~ Lyrics by Matt Johnson


"Shut your eyes, don't criticise
It's a big surprise
Ain't telling ya lies
Truth hides in plain sight
Kentucky Fried Genocide"

GlobalEyes ~ From the Album NakedSelf ~ the The ~ Lyrics by Matt Johnson


"The Apple iPatch" ~ Digitally Recycled Recreation ~ Copyright 2010 by Petrus H. Boots


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