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The Ecstasy of Eve by Petrus Boots

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Original Available ...................................... 6500.00 us*

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Size ............................ 18 in ~ 40 in / 45.7 cm ~ 101.6 cm

Medium .............................. Graphite Pencil on Art Board

The Ecstasy of Eve 2012 by Petrus H. Boots


Premium Edition I ....................................... 400.00 us*

Printed to scale of Original Pencil Drawing.
Signed, Numbered and Proofed by the Artist.

Print Limit ................................................................ / 60

Image Size .............. 16 in  ~ 32 in / 40.5 cm ~ 81.3 cm

Cut Size .................. 18 in ~ 40 in / 45.7 cm ~ 101.6 cm

Print Medium ..................... Giclẽe on 100% Cotton Rag


Limited Edition II ........................................ 150.00 us*

Printed to 70% size of Original Pencil Drawing

Print Limit ................................................................ / 750

Signed, Numbered and Proofed by the Artist.

Image Size .......... 9 in  ~ 19 in / 23 cm ~ 48.3 cm

Cut Size ..................... 10 in ~ 23 in / 25.4 cm ~ 58.4 cm

Print Medium ...................... Giclẽe on 100% Cotton Rag


The Ecstasy of Eve

     Shortly following the most heart wrenching experience of my adult life, where the family I had known for close to 20 years was torn apart, and which resulted in the total estrangement from my only daughter (11 at the time), I produced two drawings. The Water Nymph and The Ecstasy of Eve. Since the total and absolute destruction of my family, resulted in me being left with nothing but my freedom, I thought I would take it, and produce some drawings of an erotic nature. I figured, I had nothing much to loose, that I hadn't lost already, and that it was time for me to set fear of what others would think aside, and draw what I believe to be most beautiful. Woman, in all her beautiful parts, that make her whole.

     The first of these two drawings was The Water Nymph, and with certain elements of that drawing not leaving much to the imagination, of course it was used by those who wanted nothing more than to alienate me totally from my daughter, to turn her against me further. It would seem in this world, to draw this part of the female anatomy, or to portray the female vagina in all it's beauty, is an ironic moral sacrilege to all things female. Not the least of the punishments, or morally derived consequences I received for my actions and unfettered expression, was the loss of my daughter's love and the ability to show my love for my daughter. I have not seen nor heard from her, in nearly two years, and although I have requested it repeatedly, her address is being withheld. Reasons why? Well... since the truth is, that when allowed, I was the best Papa a little girl could hope for, the "worst thing" I can think of that I did, was to draw a few folds of flesh, which when reduced to the elements of light and shadow, resemble nothing more than the petals of a beautiful flower.

     As in most everything I see in the world, with it's moral twists and ironic turns, I see the irony in this. While being chewed out, and receiving easily targeted moral judgments, this thought occurred to me. I draw the female vagina, the only part of the human anatomy through which human life can enter this world, and there is outrage. Now if I was to draw a handgun, which is designed solely for the purpose of taking human life, there would be no problem. We give our little boys toy guns, which are bought at Toys R Us, and think nothing of it, but... 'boys will be boys'. As I travelled further down the track on that train of thought, this occurred to me. Perhaps toy vaginas should replace guns on the shelves of Toys R Us, and would make for a more positive plaything for boys. If anything, they may actually learn to work this part of the female anatomy, and later in their lives, use this knowledge for the benefit of their mate. And this brings me to The Ecstasy of Eve.

     The Ecstasy of Eve, is my expression of a woman's right to her own body. To do with it, what she wants. Strip naked for the world to see, or wear a head scarf, it is the choice of the individual woman. Oftentimes, the rights of the individual gets waylaid in the fight for the rights of a segment of our society, and we cannot forget that not all women want the same thing, but for the freedom to be who they are. Personally, I do not appreciate being told what I can and can not do, by those who would see fit to limit my life's experience. In the same respect, I would never think to dictate to a woman, whether she should have the child or not, after all, it is her body, not mine. Furthermore, not only does a woman have the right to contraception, or to the ability to end an unwanted pregnancy within a healthy environment, but she also has the right to her orgasm. To experience it fully, for when in love, the sexual experience unfettered by thoughts to the contrary, can lead to a direct connection with self, god, the universe, or whatever you want to call the unnamable essence, of who we truly are. And she has this right to connect to her divine nature in whatever way works for her, whether Adam agrees, or is even present. There, I said it, now don't shoot me boys, instead, love the one you're with.

     While drawing The Ecstasy of Eve, I had designs on also producing a compliment drawing of Adam, but as so often happens in life, life had other plans. During Eve, and seemingly as a positive consequence of pain endured with an open heart (a heart which remains open and still bleeds for my daughter), I finally connected with the muse of my life. An energy so beautiful, as to be the catalyst, which would bring change to my life, I could never have imagined. For most of my days upon this earth, I have chased after echoes, only to find nothing there in the end, but a shadow of truth. Even before I began work on The Water Nymph, I knew my days of running after echoes were over. My plan at that time, was to devote the rest of my life solely to my work, and draw inspiration from wherever I could find it. Fortuitously, and through sheer grace, life had other plans, and the muse who I had been searching for, for most of my life, magically appeared without me even looking.

     She's always in the last place you look, because when you find her, there's no point in looking any further.

Alkmaar, May 7, 2014


Print Info:

     The Ecstasy of Eve ~ Premium Edition I is as close to the original pencil drawing as modern printing technology can reproduce.  Using the highest quality inks for reproducing true black and white images, Edition I is printed on on heavy weight 425g acid free 100% cotton rag.  Edition I is also highly limited in the number of reproductions with a maximum of 60 signed and numbered prints produced.

     The Ecstasy of Eve~ Limited Edition II with equivalent print and stock quality as the premium edition, finds it's distinctions only in size and quantity.  Printed at 70% of the original pencil drawing, this cost alternative edition will be held to a total of 750 reproductions.  Edition II, as with all print editions by Art Unseen, is proofed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the Artist.


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