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Sarah of Bigotry by Petrus Boots

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2188 x 3372 pixel, 2.6 M image.

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Size .......................................... 2188 x 3372 pix at 2.6 M

Medium ........................... Photoshop and Tablet on a PC

Sarah of Bigotry 2010 by Petrus H. Boots


"Give me your tired your poor I'll piss on 'em
That's what the Statue of Bigotry says
Your poor huddled masses, lets club 'em to death
and get it over with and just dump 'em on the boulevard"

Dirty Blvd ~ From the Album New York  ~ Lyrics by Lou Reed


January 5. 2010:
    "Sarah of Bigotry" manifested during the height of the kafuffle over the so called "Ground Zero Mosque".  Being the Governor derelict from the great state of Alaska, of course Sarah had something to tweet about it.  While I watched the proceedings the "Statue of Bigotry" lyric from the song "Dirty Blvd" by Lou Reed kept going through my head and it all just came together.

     I enjoy doing these quickies in Photoshop but (specifically with Palin) I find conflict in giving those who don't deserve... more attention that they don't deserve.  In a nut shell, that is what Palin's existence upon our planet represents to me.  She is the archetype of unwarranted recognition, much like the banker who keeps getting richer out of creating nothing at all.  In a truly just world, I would not know of Sarah Palin's existence, let alone what the fuck she tweets on a daily basis.

  "Sarah of Bigotry" was initially published through Facebook August 25, 2010.  It didn't receive many comments or recognition and I worked on it too hard to simply let it fade into the Facebook's dead zone of obscurity.


Facebook Comments August 25, 2010:

     (I felt the need to pay respects to the original sculpture)  I love this sculpture (the original) and all it represents.  I included it in my drawing "Harmonious Convergence" and through doing so I found out she has a tear streak coming from her left eye created by rain which can not be repaired.  One could ask why she's crying?  Only to find a million reasons.  One of which would be another question... whatever happened to freedom?

     I hear a lot of talk (News Media) about immigration to the US and how the system is broken.  I've looked into it and here is the truth.  You can buy into the lottery or you can wait in line and if you've got a million dollars there is no problem and if you've got a hundred million dollars you get elected.  No room for not-for-profit talent or those who will do the dirty work.  I'd say the system is broken because it's all up for sale to the highest bidder.


"Sarah of Bigotry" ~ Digitally Recycled Recreation ~ 2188 x 3372 pix / 2.6 M ~ Copyright 2010 by Petrus H. Boots


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