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Self ~ Portrait by Petrus Boots

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Size ........................... 30 in  ~ 40 in / 76 cm ~ 101.5 cm

Medium ........................... Graphite Pencil on Art Board

Self ~ Portrait 1990 by Petrus H. Boots


"with an unfillable Whole."

     Always an awkward moment when the Christians among us see the drawing "Self Portrait (with an unfillable Whole)" as a depiction of their Lord and Savior.

     What I was expressing at that time was how serious I am about my art and the self sacrifice required to keep it true.  That said, psychologists will no doubt see someone suffering a messiah or persecution complex.  Funny thing about iconic symbols within our society and how they get trademarked.  The fish, six pointed star, crescent moon or cross... Christ wasn't the first and won't be the last to ever get crucified or be persecuted for adhering to their truth.  And for my self-crucifixion I chose to add the symbol of pencils nailing me to the art board to make my point.

     The Whole, or hole?  The Whole is unfillable.  It is All That Is.

Petrus Boots
February 15, 2011


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